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What You Need To Know About Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs

When creating your investment strategy, it’s important to remember that diversification is key to protecting your portfolio against market volatility. An option that offers a proven track record for smart diversification is investing in Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs.

Gold, silver and platinum bars

These self-directed individual retirement accounts offer investors the opportunity to put their hard-earned cash into tangible assets that have held their value for centuries. With a Lear Capital Gold IRA, Silver IRA, or Platinum IRA, you can put this time-tested strategy to work for your investment portfolio.

What is a Precious Metal IRA?

An individual retirement account is a tax-advantaged investment vehicle that focuses on building wealth for retirement. They come in various forms, including traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. You also can buy Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs, otherwise known as Precious Metal IRAs.

These Precious Metal IRAs give investors the chance to purchase physical gold, silver, and platinum through companies authorized to make such transactions, such as Lear Capital. Our experts have decades of experience setting up Precious Metal IRAs for clients.

Where a traditional IRA puts your money into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, a Precious Metal IRA gives you the chance to own a tangible asset. However, all the tax benefits of traditional IRAs still apply, such as the ability to take a tax deduction for contributions to your IRA. You can also roll over any portion of an existing IRA account into a Lear Capital Gold IRA, Silver IRA, or Platinum IRA.

The people at Lear Capital are knowledgeable and take care in what they do. They helped me with selecting a precious metals IRA to expand some of my investments. They were always willing to go the extra mile if I had any questions or concerns.

Steve O.

Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs Offer Diversification

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum can diversify and strengthen your portfolio against the unexpected. During times of economic uncertainty or market volatility, precious metals can potentially offset losses in other investments. Lear Capital’s Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs also offer the following benefits.

Inflation Hedge: Precious Metal IRAs can give investors a hedge against inflation and the falling power of the dollar. When the value of fiat currencies decreases due to inflationary pressures, the value of precious metals tends to rise. By including precious metals in an IRA, investors can protect the purchasing power of their retirement savings over the long term.

Safe-Haven Asset: During times of geopolitical instability or economic downturns, investors often flock to safe-haven assets like gold, silver, and platinum. These metals tend to retain their worth even when other asset classes are experiencing significant declines. Holding precious metals in an IRA can provide a sense of security and stability.

Long-Term Preservation of Wealth: Precious metals have a long history of preserving wealth over time. Unlike fiat currencies, which central bank policies or economic crises can devalue, the intrinsic value of precious metals endures. By investing in Precious Metal IRAs, investors can safeguard their savings against the erosion of purchasing power over the long term.

Precious Metal IRAs Provide Value, Portfolio Stability

Including precious metals in an IRA can help stabilize your portfolio by minimizing downside risk. Since precious metals often move independently of other asset classes, they can provide a buffer against market fluctuations and help maintain a more balanced and resilient portfolio.

Investing in Precious Metal IRAs also offers potential tax benefits. Depending on the type of IRA (traditional or Roth) and the specific tax regulations in place, investors may enjoy tax-deferred growth or tax-free withdrawals on their precious metal investments within the IRA.

The staff made it easy to set up my precious metals IRA. I am very satisfied with my choice of companies and would not hesitate to recommend Lear Capital to anyone interested in opening a precious metals IRA.


Are Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, or Platinum IRAs Right for You?

A Precious Metal IRA may be a good fit if:

  • You're concerned about inflation and want to hedge against its effects.
  • You want to mitigate risk by diversifying your portfolio.
  • You value the investment in the stability and tangible nature of precious metals.
  • You want a long-term investment strategy for your retirement.

With a Lear Capital Gold IRA, Silver IRA, or Platinum IRA, you actually own the precious metal, which is stored at an IRS-approved, state-of-the-art, insured private facility. Once you reach the age for a mandatory distribution, you can choose to take possession of your precious metals or liquidate your assets. It takes only one business day to complete the liquidation, and you can have the cash sent directly into your account or mailed to you via check.

Start Today With Your Precious Metal IRA

You can start to invest in precious metals in three easy steps. The first is to complete Lear Capital’s online IRA Account Form. The second is to decide what amount you want to invest in a Precious Metal IRA. Finally, you open your account with the guidance and support of Lear Capital’s professional team.

You can also continue to explore the potential benefits of Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs with a free consultation. Experts at Lear Capital can help you leverage the enduring value of precious metals in your investment portfolio, helping you protect and strengthen your financial future.

My broker at Lear Capital and the IRA specialist have both been excellent to work with - going above and beyond requirements to ensure that my husband and I are aware of our investment options and working with my IRA company to handle a very smooth roll-over. I would (and have) recommend them to others looking for a precious metals IRA and/or other investments.

Marilee N.

Benefits of Choosing Lear Capital for Your Precious Metal IRA

Lear Capital is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. We have conducted more than $3 billion in transactions in 26-plus years of business. Our team has extensive experience in Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs, and Platinum IRAs. We'll provide personalized guidance and answer all your questions.

We offer competitive pricing on precious metals and transparent fees for account management and storage. We take a customer-centric approach that prioritizes your satisfaction and ensures your investment adheres to all legal requirements. We also take the long view toward building wealth, recommending to our clients that they have a long-term investment strategy for precious metals.

I wanted to invest in metals and knew absolutely nothing about it. I searched the Internet to find a reputable company and ended up choosing Lear Capital. I would recommend Lear Capital to anyone looking to invest in precious metals. They are an established firm with a history of customer satisfaction.

Doug M.